Full House Filipino Drama TV3 (2014) Episode 1-18

Drama Synopsis:
Full House is a Philippine drama adapted from a Korean drama of the same name; directed by Mark A. Reyes and developed by Denoy Navarro-Punio. The series premiered on November 30, 2009[1] in the Philippines via GMA Network, starring Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista reprising the roles of Rain and Song Hye Kyo.[2] It was aired worldwide with a two-day delay on GMA Pinoy TV.

Synopsis. Jessie is a naive writer who gets swindled out of everything she owns, including her house, by her brother, Donald, and his pregnant girlfriend, Lisette. Stranded in Prague, she manages to borrow money from the famous actor Justin Lazatin to return to the Philippines. On her return, she finds her house was bought by Justin. Then, big news breaks that he will marry someone. Justin has a big problem, so he asks Jessie to fake a marriage. They agree to stay married for 1 year, enough time to repay Justin’s loan to Jessie.

Soon after Justin and Jessie get married, they start to rely on each other. Luigi and Elaine become jealous whenever they see Justin and Jessie getting close. Eventually, Luigi and Elaine come between the couple. Justin and Jessie secret is revealed to the world which causes them to divorce.

Justin and his father reconcile thanks to Jessie, and Justin’s family feel that they like Jessie over Elaine.

Before Justin leaves for L.A., Elaine proposes and Justin accepts to make her feel happy, even though he still loves Jessie. While in L.A. Justin and his dad talk. Justin ends the engagement between him and Elaine. He flies back to the Philippines to tell Jessie that he still loves her. Upon his return he finds Jessie is engaged to Luigi and makes a speech at the awards ceremony about how he really loves her.

Walking out of the awards ceremony, Jessie ends her engagement with Luigi because she feels that it isn’t right to marry someone she doesn’t love. Luigi says he understands and accepts her decision. Elaine comes and starts to fight with Jessie, then pulls out a gun, but instead of shooting Jessie, she shoots Justin.

Justin is sent to the hospital for surgery. The police come to the hospital to find and arrest Elaine. Jessie goes to the room Justin is in and finds out he has “passed away.” Jessie tells Justin that she still loves him and forgives him.

While Jessie is talking to Justin, who is actually just pretending to be dead, he scares her and the two reconcile. The next day they go to visit Elaine, who apologizes for what she has done and sets Justin free to Jessie. Justin goes to visit Luigi who is moving to New York in US to work and thanks him for taking care of Jessie and loving her when he couldn’t. They both say goodbye and see each other for the last time.

Back at the house, Jessie and Lisette go to the backyard and see that there are lots of candles lit up. Justin professes his love to Jessie and proposes to her, which she accepts.

The two get married, while Lisette happily gives birth to a baby boy and soon lived happily ever after. The series ends where Justin and Jessie are in Prague, for their honeymoon.

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