Apokalips X (2014)

Film Synopsis:
A chemical warfare has destroyed the world leaving only a handful of youths struggling to survive to carve a place for themselves. As they fight for supremacy over the years, it finally ends with the three remaining clans, headed by X (Farid Kamil) from Merah Putih (Red White) Clan, Sri Gala (Peter Davis) from Taring (Canine) Clan and notorious Kala from Jengking (Scorpion) Clan, signing a peace treaty. Each clan are closely knitted and brought up through the teachings and beliefs of their own clans.

Despite the peace treaty being able to stop the war, the clans situations quickly become threatened and tensed when Aman Chai (Adam AF), a disciple of X falls in love with Qiqi (Miera Leyana), the daughter of Sri Gala from the Clan Taring. A fight ensued resulting in a seriously injured Qiqi and an agitated Sri Gala. Furious, Sri Gala demands on the peace treaty to be dissolved while X decides otherwise as he has vowed to never fight again.

With the tensions between X and Sri Gala mounting, power hungry Kala takes advantage of the situation with a plan to bring down the two leaders and become the ruler of the current world .

The war that once destroyed everything will undoubtedly be repeated again. Would Aman Chai, Qiqi and other young followers survive this ordeal? Will X faithfully stick to his stand to not fight? Will Kala manage triumph all and rule all regions?


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